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VELA LUKA - Luka mozaika " World's longest mosaic"

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Luka mozaika - World's longest mosaic

  • In 1968. at International artist symposium in Vela Luka, about 30 worldwide famous artists made around 70 mosaics. Mosaics were placed in public open places around Vela Luka center and became permanent monument of creativity beauty, multiculturalism and togetherness. Although this area is famous for remains of antique Roman mosaics it was this symposium 50 years ago that pined Vela Luka on cultural-artistic map of the world.

  • This project idea is focused on continuous creating of cultural identity of Vela Luka, based on sustainable use of resources regarding cultural heritage.

  • We started this project by opening mosaic workshop end of March 2017 with main goal of creating longest floor mosaic in the world. In just one year we had more than 100 authors and we created and installed first 100 m of mosaic path.

  • Million stone pieces were inserted during this project but also thousands of hours volunteering that we unselfishly gave to this town.  We keep enriching public area of Vela Luka with authentical mark of our time, placed mosaics are one expresion of many different authors – To leave an indelible trace of togetherness in space and time.

  • We continue proces in which mosaic is just a universal tool of comunication walking path in Vela Luka center transforms into piece of art by authors from all over the world.

  • In this area, stone is one of the oldest connection between creathor and his enviroment.

  • Thousands of kilometers of stonewalls that dominate our surroundings were created during centuries ”stone by stone”. So that concept is not concept only in creative meaning, it is one of the biggest and oldes island infrastructural and historical project, our identity and our recognizable cultural code.

  • Longest floor mosaic in the world , made from stone tesser would be actually of that unique continuity on which all our comunity culture was build.

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Luka mozaika "World's longest mosaic"