Branka Batinić


Branka Batinić


Branka Batinić - tränare från Kroatien

Jugoslavien (SFRY) / Kroatien

Success as a table tennis player.

  • I am born in Croatia. I have a diploma and a master degree in business administration and marketing at the faculty for foreign trade at the University of Zagreb.
My carrier as a player started 1966 and has lasted until now, all together for 52 years, my active years have been in Croatia, Italy and Germany. I was voted as top-five women athletes of the century in Croatia. I was also voted as the best player in Balkan for the last 50 years.
  1. 7 medals at European champion ships and World champion ships.
  2. World champion for veterans in single and double 2006.
  3. 4 times European veteran champion (3 times in single and 1 time in double).
  4. All together I have 17 medals from European and World champion ships.
  5. 3 times selected to play in European team against Asia.
  6. 22 times Yugoslavian champion in different categories.
  7. Over 40 times Croatian champion in different categories.
  8. Over 30 Pro-tour International trophy´s.
  9. During 6 years  I was among the 10 best players in Europe and during a short time I was among the 10 best players in the world.
I started like a coach in 1983 when I made my coach license.
  1. 1983-1986 coach and player in Croatia.
  2. 1986-1987 coach and player in Germany.
  3. 1987-1990 coach and player in Italy. 
  4. 1990-1992 coach and player in Slovenia.
  5. 1992-2017 coach and player in Germany.
  6. 2008-2014 Head coach for ETTU for Eurotalent and Eurokids program. (Around 60 % of the currently top players in Europe were in my program) 
  7. 2009-2013 Head coach of the European team for the world cadet challenge
  8. 2001-2014 ITTF coach for the development program in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and New Caledonia. 
  9. 2017, after 25 years professional career like a coach and player, I started to be a coach in Sweden for Bålsta and Stocksund and head coach for NÖS.