The coach and coach’s tasks and work

Introduction The champions are being born. However the champions are also being created. You are wrong if you think that it is easy to make a champion. However, it is not impossible! Stubborn, permanent, hard training is inevitable, but to work more and more does not necessarily mean that the training would be in such a way better or more successful. How to make better and how to improve the skill in a very heavy and complex game as table tennis? By most difficult training, with more and more training, by simulating of the shots which are mostly used in the tournaments, or by intelectual efforts and by special tactics? Or by physical preparations? With all these elements – partially!


Most experts consider that the better results could be achieved only through a good coach. The self-trained table tennis players are quite rare in todays table tennis. To be a coach is a professional job, same like a professional table tennis player. They both have quite determined tasks. The coach must also make extraordinary efforts in order to reach successful results. It is very important that the coach likes his job, that his job becomes a part of himself. Otherwise, it would become very difficult to work through years, in spite of the attractive salaries. It is not real to expect that the good coach be a magician.

Creation of tactics

In order to help the player in creating the tactics, it is
necessary for the coach to know the both technics and tactics theoretically, and needles to say, the practical tactics as well. He must know how to apply his knowledge in concrete situation. Furthermore. the coach must know the abilities of his players as well as the frames of the opponents, and he must give attention to the momentary disposition of both players.
It is important for the coach to prepare the player in such way that the player in such way that the player can develop the necessary tactics by himself.
The creation of the tactics in the table tennis reflects in the fact that all positive and good technical, tactical and mental abilities of the player can be realized in the best possible way during the game at the table. At the same time, the continuty as well as the flexibility are most important quality of the tactical creation.